Deron Millman is the face of Millman.

At 17 he entered the industry working for a local surveying firm that both taught him the ropes and introduced him to the snares of the industry. For years to come he worked in an industry that couldn’t match his ambitions: to be the north star of each transaction. “So many companies consistently declined bigger and more complicated projects for want of man power.I was up for the challenge, I wanted to meet the needs of clients, big or small.”

Deron saw opportunity. He created a plan for the deployment of a 50-state-licensed surveying firm that wouldn’t balk at tackling the most complicated cross-country projects, a haven for professionals and client-centered processes into which he would pull the best surveyors in the land. In 1996, he began making the uncompromising Millman principles a reality. The venture’s immediate effect upon the marketplace was that it stuck—more clients, better served, cemented Millman’s base and sphere of influence. The philosophy of staffing the top professionals who care about what they do has built a lasting edifice (to be sure, take a quick survey of the staff bios).

Deron chose goal-oriented people who were up for the personal challenge of taking their surveying career to a new degree of professionalism, and could keep their eye on the bigger picture of a multi-site, multi-state real estate portfolio. This is not your typical 9-5 surveyor. Deron made outstanding first strides in recruiting top tier professionals and soon the gravity of giants took over. The company has grown into an entire team of professionals that have the same smart outlook on their work and commitment as Deron Millman.

Deron is at the forefront of a company who has changed the face of the surveying industry. Need convincing?

In 2006, the company introduced Millman Virtual Surveyor. It hasn’t just changed Millman, it is changing the way people use surveys. What does this mean? You can go to your computer and view all the legal documents, mark up the survey, collaborate with others, and a whole lot more. It means your life just got easier.

In 2011 we introduced Millman Real Support. This is Millmans way of giving you or your paralegals legal support. It’s just another way Millman gets your deal to the closing table quick and error-free.

If Deron does get out of the office it’s for international sports travel and to spend time with his wife Suzie and his twins Tony and Taylor. On the clock, he’s teaching old industries some new tricks.

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