We’re connected to 20 years of proven results. Our staff and crew interlace all major regions of the US. That connects you with the highest professionalism in the industry.

Major companies in all 50 states rely on Millman for full service national ALTA surveys.

Full service means Full Service. You’re covered on research, zoning, environmental and paralegal support. Your high-quality, on-time ALTA survey grows your financial interests, builds your business relationships, and ensures your professional reputation.

What to expect:

Millman’s team of professionals come to work for you. You’ll have a project manager who keeps your project moving forward and well-organized while keeping you in the know throughout the entire process. You get a team of surveyors, attorneys, researchers and paralegals who care about the quality of the work and who are committed to your deadline.

You get total control. You get national results with neighborly care. Your survey will be done in fourteen business days.


We just strengthened the chain of command. Our surveyors are in-house and ready to serve.

We only offer land surveying services in states where we are licensed. Surveys in North Carolina are performed by Millman Land Surveying of North Carolina, PLLC. Please contact us for a complete list.

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