At Millman, you are instantly connected with jurisdictions in every state through our experienced staff of urban planners, environmental planners, attorneys, title examiners, surveyors and researchers.

A team with a combined experience of 25 years preparing reports for buyers, sellers, lenders and their attorneys and title companies means you can count on receiving quality, comprehensive zoning compliance reports, comprehensive site reports, and zoning representation.

Here’s how:

Our team of professional zoning specialists and researchers are put to task the minute your order is processed. You benefit from seamless access to field data while your survey or site plan is being prepared. Preliminary determinations will be made well ahead of time. Within 10-15 business days you can expect a thorough report including analysis of the properties zoning requirements, written verification of the zoning from the municipality, copies of the buildings certificate of occupancy, and copies of the pertinent sections of the municipalities’ zoning code.

Full coverage

As real estate professionals you know the value of a thorough and full report. You can expect complete coverage on any non-conformance issues our team uncovers. Our Comprehensive Site Report is a tailored report in response to unresolved issues or to facilitate future development. An investigation of the history of the property, information on how to obtain permits, along with other site relevant information will provide a road map to remedy any issues effecting your transaction. Additionally, one of our agents will represent you as a liaison with the city/municipalities to rectify barriers, saving you time and cost, while protecting your investment.


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Zoning Compliance Report (ZCR):
Research of property, current zoning regulations pertaining to said municipalities’ unique zoning regulations, setbacks, and permitted uses.

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Land Use Compliance Report and Checklist:
A checklist and report that assists in the compliance process for the National Environmental Policy Act.


Permits Approvals Compliance Report:
This report is intended to support the endorsement of closing a commercial real estate loan. The purpose of our PAC Report/Permits Approvals Compliance Report is to determine the following: If the Borrower’s subject property has obtained the required federal, state, or local government certificates, permits, licenses, qualifications, and approvals of local, state and/or federal governmental or quasi ‐public authorities.

Examples of PAC Report/Permits Approvals Compliance Report include:
Actions and Filings report on, but are not necessarily limited to the following: building and engineering approvals, building permits, sign regulations, accessory building regulations, zoning permits, special use permits, licenses or permits to undertake construction activities in a public right of way, permits or approvals to disturb wetlands or cut down trees, certificates of occupancy, business licenses, certificates of authority to do business, elevator permits, and swimming pool permits, fire safety permits, etc. This report will showcase municipal documents such as meeting minutes, approval of building and zoning plans, violations, and anything needed to justify that the property is compliant or non-compliant with all regulations including planning and zoning, but not limited to just planning and zoning. Thus, this report ensures thorough in-depth verification and analysis, in turn, that the property is compliant with the needs of the lenders’ expectations for the closing of the commercial real estate loan. Specifically, confirming that the subject property is considered to be in “good standing” with the requirements of the Zoning Code, Building Code, and Fire Code expectations.
We customize our PAC Report/Permits Approvals Compliance Report to fit your organization’s specific needs.

Zoning Information Report:
The Zoning Information Report provides the following: an overview of the specific zoning requirements pertaining to a subject property i.e. zoning classification, current use, permitted use, zoning and building violations, special permitting, conditions, variances or, ordinances, zoning requirements, legal description, municipal documents, certificate of occupancy, and a copy of your local jurisdictional code.

Zoning Code and Letter Report:
A brief report that provides a zoning letter addressing our standard questions as well as those customized to your inquiries, a certificate of occupancy, supplemental docs associated with the subject property, and a copy of your local jurisdictional code.

Building Investigation Report (BIR):
Work with architects, surveyors, engineers and construction management teams to provide the most accurate reporting of a respective municipalities’ zoning/building codes as well as answering questions of what is required for the site to move forward through the checkpoints of utility development.

Site Investigation Report (SIR):
Combining a BIR and a ZCR allows the end user to have a general understanding of what their due diligence costs are going to be. This report streamlines all services to make sure our client’s real estate needs are met. Furthermore, our analysis will support all pertinent information discovered within a city, county, state, or federal code as well as identify costs associated with that project’s development.


  • Zoning district classification and permitted uses.
  • Zoning and building violations reported by the municipality.
  • Special permitting, conditions, variances or ordinances reported by the municipality.
  • Building and parking setbacks, building height, required parking ratio, maximum allowed density, and minimum lot size.
  • Statement of conformance based on provided information.
  • If applicable, conditions of non-conforming characteristics.
  • Statement of pending property condemnation.