Why We are the Leaders in Wireless Communication

Cell towers are everywhere, and so are we.

By the late 90’s, after the genesis of wireless communication, Millman had a national footprint across the United States. This perfectly positioned Millman to launch nationwide communication survey operations in response to the predicted explosive growth in Aerial Real Estate. As wireless communication towers reached upwards to the sky, Millman quickly established ground in national leadership as provider of wireless communication services.

So Get Connected

The world has a halo of bandwidth. Through Millman your instantly connected to years of experience and a deep understanding of the industry. We are positioned to handle any problem, anywhere.

Here’s How:

Our wireless services include cell tower surveys, cell tower audits and As-builts. Our typical turnaround time is 14 business days.

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What is Wireless Communication?

Wireless communication enables the whole population to connect with a global audience. This has, in turn, helped businesses expand and reach new customers, empowered women and other minority groups through organization and mentorship programs, and improved healthcare access for remote areas. Then there’s news and entertainment, social media connections, and even educational improvements. 

What is a Cell Tower? 

A cell tower is a cellular telephone site where electric communications equipment is mounted, including transmitters, receivers, control electronics and additional power sources. Their purpose? Facilitate the signal reception of cell phones and other wireless communication devices, including radios and televisions. When something goes wrong with a cell tower, that’s where we come in.