Millman Helps You Implement 5G with Wireless Surveys Nationwide

Millman National Land Services is on the frontlines of 5G wireless rollouts across the country. Our telecommunication and cell tower survey solutions enable tower owners, operators and builders to complete their projects efficiently. We provide reliability by dispatching and utilizing our own in-house survey staff to complete your projects from start to finish. Never before has it been easier to deploy your next generation wireless technology with a dependable partner from Los Angeles to New York City and everywhere in-between.

United States 5G Telecom Cell Tower Surveys

We’ve got you covered.

You’re working hard to execute your implementation of 5G across the country. While you’re busy covering your customers, let us cover the logistics of your cell tower surveys.

Managed Telecommunications Survey Solutions for 5G

In-House Surveyors – Nationwide

Your 5G network will be deployed from large cities to rural neighborhoods. That is why we’ve build a survey team that can process your surveys quickly anywhere in the country.

5G Wireless Survey Services Nationwide

Survey Deadlines & Details

The devil is often in the details. Our comprehensive telecommunications survey solutions cover all aspects of your cell tower whether it’s new construction or the addition of new equipment at an existing site.

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Wireless Surveys for the Next Generation

Cell towers are being built and modified at a rapid rate nationwide. Never before has the need for a dependable, reliable, nationally capable surveyor been more critical to the roll out of your next generation wireless network. Our in-house managed survey staff is capable of complying with local, state, federal, and FAA regulations to provide you with a detailed look at telecommunications tower placement.

Our dynamic solutions provide you with the cell tower survey documentation you need when you need it including pre-built surveys, as-built surveys, boundary surveys, raw land tower site surveys, rooftop communications surveys, small cell right-of-way surveys, and lease expansion surveys.

Your network deserves a telecom survey partner as dependable as your wireless network is to your customers. Count on Millman to deliver the lay of your land – nationwide.

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What Our Wireless Customers Have To Say

We began transitioning our survey needs to Millman National Land Services near the beginning of our 5G roll out and we couldn’t be happier. Having a single point of contact when managing hundreds of active cell tower locations nationwide means that I have finally been able to simplify at least one aspect of our next generation roll out. If only the entire process of implementing 5G could be as simple as working with the team at Millman.

Johnathan P., Major Wireless Carrier

As anyone in the industry knows, time is more important now than ever before to stay competitive. The faster that my teams are able to modify and construct new infrastructure, the faster we can deliver an outstanding new network for our customers. That is why we are pleased when Millman is a part of the team on a cell tower project. They deliver fast results, but more importantly, accurate results that keeps our timelines on schedule.

Hellen M., Nationwide Cell Tower Maintenance Company
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