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Nationwide ALTA Surveys

Millman National Land Services provides ALTA Survey land surveying solutions to major law firms, large commercial real estate holdings, and title companies in major cities and small towns across the United States.

In House Licensed Staff

Accurate and meticulously detailed survey results are the fruit of a commitment to labor. That is why Millman National Land Services maintains control of our talent and directly manages all elements of your transaction.

Technical & Legal Knowledge

The team behind your surveys is compromised of industry veterans spanning both the technical and legal side of surveying. Our technical abilities allow us to ensure quality in our craft while our legal knowledge allows us to verify the results.

Major companies in all 50 states rely on Millman National Land Services for full service national ALTA Surveys.

Full service means Full Service. You’re covered on research, zoning, environmental and paralegal support. Your high-quality, on-time ALTA Survey grows your financial interests, builds your business relationships, and ensures your professional reputation.

What To Expect From Our ALTA Surveys

Millman National Land Services’s team of professionals come to work for you. You’ll have a project manager who keeps your project moving forward and well-organized while keeping you in the know throughout the entire process. You get a team of surveyors, attorneys, researchers and paralegals who care about the quality of the work and who are committed to your deadline.

You get total control. You get national results with neighborly care. Your survey will be done in fourteen business days.

Strong ALTA Survey Results

We just strengthened the chain of command. Our surveyors are in-house and ready to serve.

Surveys in North Carolina and Oklahoma are performed by Millman Land Surveying of North Carolina, PLLC. Please contact us for a complete list.

Benefits of An Accurate ALTA Survey

ALTA surveys are boundary surveys that comply with the standards of the American Land Title Association. We create ALTA surveys that will meet the needs of property buyers and lenders.

Lenders require ALTA surveys to protect their investment from adverse claims that may not be disclosed by a title search. The information provided in the ALTA survey will help the lender and property buyer to evaluate any risks that can occur in the property.

  1. Easements: Studying the rights of way and easements in the survey can reveal whether they will adversely affect the buyer’s proposed property use. Comparing the exceptions in the title with the exception easements in the survey is also beneficial.
  2. Encroachment: Surveys help confirm that there’s no overlap of any improvement from a property to another. The type of encroachment revealed in the survey will show if it will be easy to remedy or expensive to cure.
  3. Setback Violations: An ALTA survey should show the setbacks in place for a local zoning ordinance. If the property improvements extend beyond the ordinance line, it will lead to a setback violation. If the setback violation requires removing a building or modification, it could significantly devaluate the property.
  4. Accessibility: ALTA surveys show how the property buyer will gain access to the property. The lender and potential buyer can easily see the surrounding properties and see if there’s a dedicated road to the property. If there’s no access road, the landlocked property would require the owner to obtain an easement and record it for entry and exit before the transaction closes.
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