Virtual Surveyor is an interactive web-based tool pioneered by Millman and provided without charge to our clients. It has revolutionized the review of title, survey, zoning and environmental reports.

Multiple viewing panes and zoom tools allow you to quickly see details and move between documents, maps and property views.

Comprehensive and Detailed

Instantly access your ALTA Survey, Title Commitment, all Schedule B documents, utility information, zoning information, maps and all other due dilligence matters.

Move between the components of a legal description and the corresponding call on the survey or between an easement on Schedule B of the Title Report to the document itself and its depiction on the survey.

Easily Review Property Information

Choose from items such as encroachments, easements, parking, and zoning information, legend symbols, utilities and Table A items in the survey certification and the adjacent survey automatically zooms in to that item, highlighting it in red for easy review.

Mark up Documents, Save and Share Comments

Editing tools allow you to add comments and markup drawings which can be saved and shared electronically with anyone on the transaction team and/or printed. Automatically created your title and survey objection letter. Coordinate comments between Buyer, Seller, Attorneys, Title Companies and Lenders.

Share Surveys in Multiple Locations at Once

Any party permitted access can view and comment on a survey. Comments are updated in real time and multiple users can make and share comments simultaneously.