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Millman National Land Services is proud to be the nation’s premier direct provider of ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys. With our unwavering dedication to meeting or exceeding national accuracy standards, even in time-sensitive situations, we guarantee that your land surveying requirements will be met with precision and competence. We provide comprehensive services that include research, zoning, environmental considerations, and paralegal support, whether you are a major law firm, a large commercial real estate holding, or a title company. When you choose us, you select comprehensive solutions that safeguard your financial interests, cultivate solid business relationships, and enhance your professional standing.

Nationwide Reach and Unparalleled Expertise

Millman National Land Services has established itself as a trusted and dependable vendor for commercial real estate transactions across the nation, thanks to more than 20 years of proven results. Our staff and crew are strategically located in major regions throughout the United States, including Arizona, ensuring that you have access to the highest level of industry professionalism. Our extensive network enables us to provide superior land surveying services to both major and minor cities.

Arizona ALTA Survey: Accurate, Timely, and Comprehensive

Our knowledge of ALTA Survey standards makes us the best in the business. We fully appreciate the significance of precise surveys in establishing property lines and pinpointing the placement of buildings and other structures. Our thorough method and careful attention to detail ensure you receive surveys of the highest quality, tailored to your needs. Our seasoned crew can take on jobs of any size, from simple boundary staking to sprawling new subdivision construction. To guarantee accurate measurements and outcomes, we employ cutting-edge GPS technology.

Introducing Millman’s Expanded Services In Arizona 

We are pleased to provide you with a wider range of services in addition to our ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys to accommodate your changing requirements.

Implementing 5G

As 5G wireless technology continues to transform the telecommunications industry, Millman National Land Services is at the forefront of facilitating nationwide rollouts. Our telecommunication and cell tower survey solutions provide tower owners, operators, and builders with end-to-end assistance. With our in-house survey team and nationwide presence, we guarantee the timely completion of your project and the effective implementation of your next-generation wireless technology.

Zoning Reports

Complex zoning requirements can be difficult to navigate. Our team of professional zoning specialists and researchers is therefore committed to providing you with accurate and trustworthy zoning reports. From preliminary determinations to comprehensive reports, we help you comprehend the zoning requirements for your property. With access to field data and meticulous analysis, we provide in-depth reports that include written verification, copies of the certificate of occupancy, and pertinent municipal zoning sections.

Virtual Site Walks

Millman National Land Services introduces a revolutionary virtual site walk. Our cutting-edge technology and knowledgeable team of surveying experts enable buyers and sellers to connect in real time and explore properties. With remote satellite connectivity and advanced broadcasting capabilities, there are no restrictions on property tours. Our virtual site walk provides visual confirmation and answers to your most pressing questions, including aerial views and building interiors. Enjoy the efficiency and convenience of property evaluation without leaving your office.

Millman National Land Services

Millman National Land Services is your trusted partner when it comes to professional land surveying. We combine extensive industry expertise, national reach, and a dedication to exceeding your expectations. Whether you require an ALTA Survey, assistance with the implementation of wireless technology, zoning reports, or a virtual site walk, our committed team is prepared to provide you with exceptional service that is tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today for a free estimate!