Vince Macauda gives the Millman value proposition its razor edge. With 26 years of notable experience in commercial real estate, starting as an investor, then as a real estate and title attorney and business executive. Vince infuses the client perspective into all activities of his leadership.

A note on that notable experience:

After dabbling in real estate out of college, Vince headed to law school, finished in the top of his class, and began a law practice in Cleveland, Ohio at Hahn Loeser + Parks focused on counseling real estate investment trusts, pension funds and other businesses on real estate matters.

In 1999, Vince’s entrepreneurial blood sent him into the title business. Vince continued to be involved in sophisticated commercial real estate transactions. In 2005, the Ohio Bar Association named Vince a Certified Specialist in Real Estate Law. In 2006, Vince was appointed by The United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio a Master Commissioner for the Court’s foreclosure cases. He still serves in this capacity. In 2008, after years of using Deron Millman to handle the survey needs of his transactions, he joined Millman.

Where does an attorney who specializes in real estate law belong in a national surveying firm? At Millman, he’s on the top, steering; he’s in the middle, transforming an industry; and he’s in the trenches getting the jobs done on time.

Over the years of working on real estate closings together, Vince and Deron Millman had become friends. Deron had been imagining a way to make the surveying process more streamlined, efficient, and accurate—saving clients time and money. Vince was interested in enhancing the survey-review with innovations from his own background.

They developed the perfect two-pronged approach. Vince brought his legal expertise to the re-visioning of the survey experience (see Deron Millman’s Bio). He came onboard helping Deron with operations and structure as they began to create the pivot-point protocol, Millman Virtual Surveyor.

And it worked.

Vince is now President and General Counsel of the trend-setting, full service national land services firm. MVS is still reverberating around CRE operations and expectations, and Vince still specializes in giving clients more of what they want before they were expecting it.

When he’s not working, Vince enjoys learning new recipes, relaxing at home on weekends with his wife Lisa and watching their two boys’ soccer games and track meets.

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