With recent updates requiring more detailed information in ALTA/NSPS land surveys, the “gold standard” for professional surveys has been strengthened even further. Far more than a boundary survey, an ALTA land survey requires a wide range of important site information to be included as part of the base report.

In addition to showing basic property boundaries, an ALTA land survey must include:

  • Basic zoning information
  • Roadways
  • Evidence of utilities on site
  • Flood information
  • Encroachments, easements and encumbrances
  • A legal property description
  • Cemeteries
  • Evidence of use by other parties

A common standard for all interested parties, ALTA surveys provide the highest standards throughout the country. In many cases, lenders will not agree to provide funding for a project unless an ALTA survey has been completed. Similarly, many land use attorneys and their clients insist that only an ALTA survey is sufficient for their requirements.

Updated requirements are even more stringent than before

Table A of the ALTA land survey includes optional items, but one important item that was previously optional has been moved to the base report as part of the new standards. This is the old item 11(a) in Table A, which notes the evidence of utilities on the site. There is still an optional item 11 in Table A for the new report that goes into greater detail for noting specific types of utilities.

The overall ALTA land title report is a comprehensive report that ensures that all exception matters are identified and described to give title companies, lenders, developers and attorneys comfort to proceed with a transaction. Without an ALTA report, unforeseen problems relating to land use may lead to legal problems down the road. For example, problems could arise if any parties are unaware of an easement or the fact that a structure sits partially on a neighboring property.

At Millman National Land Services, we perform ALTA land surveys and other land consulting services to the highest professional standards. We invite your inquiries and look forward to speaking with you about your survey needs.